Telander & Telander is an intimate practice that is designed to ensure you receive personalized attention from the highly skilled attorneys you hired to be on your case — not split amongst a mixture of associates with varied levels of experience and knowledge. We appreciate your confidence in us and we return that trust with our pledge to give you the level of service and consideration you deserve.

The team of Brian and Brad Telander offers our clients a formidable combination of legal insight and expertise in many practice areas. With the support of our dedicated staff, we are guided by a simple philosophy — take no case for granted. You can be assured that, as your attorneys, we realize your case and the details surrounding it are truly unique. Therefore, regardless of the many successful verdicts we have gained for our clients, we do not have a “template” for winning cases. We do, however, have a proven approach that leads us to success.

When you are accused of a crime, police and prosecuting attorneys can seem to turn the tables on justice — make you feel guilty until proven innocent. They do not care about the person you are, your family, your job, or any of the positive things you may do in your community. They seek only to convict and they will not be very pleasant in attempting to do so. We will be at your side to remind you that being accused of a crime does not make you a bad person and shouldn’t be allowed to strip you of your dignity. And, we will represent you with a process that has produced decades of successful outcomes for our clients.

Our approach begins with simply listening to you and understanding your point-of-view. Next, we thoroughly investigate the circumstances involved in your arrest and develop a strategy for success according to the specific requirements of your case. Then, we defend.